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A little History of Active Seniors, Inc.

Many years ago people with a lot of foresight put the wheels into motion to build the Active Seniors building. The Active Seniors organization was actually set up in 1959 and occupied a property at 140 Central Ave. in Salinas, CA.

The present property at 100 Harvest St. was purchased in 1979 for $110,000. George Kuska designed the building and a contract with Small's Construction was signed in April 1981 for the amount of $328,000 to construct the building --and get this-- with a completion date of October 20, 1981 written into the contract!

Everything went according to schedule and the building was dedicated November 18, 1981 (see plaque inside parking lot entry door). How was all this possible? Some of the funds were from the sale of the property owned at 140 Central Ave, which was sold for $165,000. The remainder came from donations and bequests, one to the tune of $50,000. The plaque shows all of the donors. Check it out sometime. 

Mel Dungan was president at the time and he, along with many other insightful people, made all this happen. The property and building were completely paid off in three years.

The above first appeared in the December 2013 Newsletter.

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