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Some of the following links may contain commercial content

which are not endorsed by Active Seniors, Inc in any way.

Community Related Links:

1. City of Salinas services website. Click HERE

2. Salinas Alliance on Aging Senior Resource website. Click HERE

3. Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce. Click HERE

4. Active Seniors Ukulele Club Facebook page. Click HERE

Health Related Links:

1. Senior Wellness Guide - Healthy Aging. Click HERE

2. Information about Hip Replacement. Click HERE

3. Drug Interaction warnings. Click HERE

4. A Caregiver’s Guide to Understanding, Recognizing, and Preventing Elder Abuse. Click HERE

5. Types of Dentures & Causes for Treatment.

      Everything you need to know can be found HERE.

      They also have a section on teeth whitening that you can find HERE.

6. Fun and Rewarding Activities For Those With Dementia. Click HERE to read all about it.

7. A Complete Guide to Ergonomics and Senior Safety.

      Click HERE for more information.

8. Best Medical Alert systems for seniors. Click HERE for more information.

9. If you have questions about your eyes and all the various conditions

      that effect the eyes then you can probably find the answer by clicking HERE.

10.  Preventing memory problems for seniors. Click HERE to read the guide.

11.   Understanding Glaucoma.  Click HERE

12.  Elder abuse in nursing homes. Click HERE to read the info.

13. Healthy activities for seniors.  Click HERE for tons of useful information.

14. How Line Dancing can be good for the health of Seniors.  Click HERE to read all about it.

15. Knee Surgery types and procedures.  Click HERE for useful information.

16. Exercises seniors 90+ can do at home.  Click HERE for info including videos.

Service Related Links:

1. Free Legal Services for Seniors. Click HERE

2. Senior Citizen's Guide to Privacy, Security and Safety Online. Click HERE

3. Monterey Peninsula MEALS ON WHEELS, click HERE.

4. Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled.

      Click HERE.

5. What Goes Where Recycling is Changing in Monterey County. Click HERE

6. What retirement benefits are available through the Social Security Administration?

      Click HERE for tons of information.

Financial & Scam Related Links

1. Freezing your credit so no one can apply in your name.

      Click HERE for more info.

      Once you have read the above document you will need to go to each of these links to freeze your credit 

      with each of the credit reporting organizations.

      Click HERE for Experian

      Click HERE for Transunion

      Click HERE for Equifax

2. Be very careful because many are out to scam seniors with medicare fraud.

      Click HERE to see what the government has to say.

3. Scams and Fraud Alerts. Click HERE for more information.

4. Internet Safety Guide for Seniors.  Learn how to protect yourself from scams.  Click HERE.

Tech & Training Related links:

1. Free Training Tutorials including computers, email, internet, photoshop, math, finance, etc

      (Over 200 tutorials). Click HERE

2. Beginner's guide to using an iPad. Great guide for seniors. Click  HERE to read the guide.

3. Using Windows 10 photo app tutorial. Click HERE.

4. Using Windows 10 Video Creator in the Photo App tutorial. Click HERE.

5. Training, Research and Education for driving safely for seniors.  Click HERE.

6. Robo Call Relief is here. Click HERE to see more info.

7.  Using Public Wi-Fi. Click HERE to find out more.

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