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We had a great seminar today (5/23/2024) for our 4th Thursday Tech Talk.  Dwight Freedman did a second presentation on Internet Security for Seniors. Specifically using PASS KEY versus pass words. He also presented information about the current Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is growing in usage. There were 73 people in attendance and we had a lot of questions and folks are now more aware of the security threats on the internet. To see links to this training, scroll down to our training section on this page.


ZOOM helpful hints. 

If you have zoom meetings or are working from home then some of these tips may improve your activities on Zoom. Click HEREfor more information.

ASI training class links


To see a pdf file of the Pass Key and AI training presentation, click HERE.


To see a video on Artificial Intellegence (AI), click HERE.


Free Training Tutorials including computers, email, internet, photoshop, math, finance, etc

      (Over 200 tutorials). Click HERE


Using Windows 10 photo app tutorial.  Click HERE.

Using Windows 10 Video Creator in the Photo App tutorial.  Click HERE.

Tutorial for transfering photos from your phone to your computer , etc. Click HERE

Beginner PowerPoint presentation training.  Click HERE

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